Setting up Video or Audio Intercom to call other rooms

With more than one Brilliant in your home, you have the ability to do either room to room video chat OR broadcast an audio message to every other receiving control in your home.

Tap on Intercom in the bottom tray to start!

Room to Room Video Chat

Brilliant's integrated video intercom is automatically enabled so that you can call and chat with people in other rooms using audio or video.

1. Tap on the Intercom icon in the bottom tray of the Home Screen.

2. You will be presented with a list of controls that you can video chat.

3. Tap a Video or Audio icon on the Control you would like to intercom with, or choose Home Broadcast

4. Your Brilliant will now show that it is dialing the other control. 

4. A family member or guest will now see a prompt on the receiving Brilliant to accept the call. 

5. When the video call is accepted, you will now see a full video intercom between both controls. Press and hold "Hold to Talk" to start talking to the person at the receiving control. 

6. Tap the "End Call" button when you're done.


Home (Audio) Broadcast

You can also send a 1-way audio broadcast to all other controls in your home, say to tell your family members to come down for dinner.

1. Tap on the Intercom icon in the bottom tray of the Home Screen

2. You will see a button that says "Home Broadcast"


3. You will be taken to the Home Broadcast screen, where you have the option to hold the button "Hold to Broadcast" and speak your message to the other controls in your home. 

4. Your audio will be broadcasted to the receiving controls, and the user on the receiving side can leave the broadcast at any time.