Personalizing your Screen Art and Display Settings

Brilliant’s Home Screen is fully customizable. From the screen art to display settings, personalize your Control Display and show up to 50 photos that can be configured to show at different times of the day, during certain hours, or when triggered by motion. 

Upload and Manage Custom Art and Photos on Mobile: 

Using the Brilliant mobile app, upload your own personal photos



You are able to manage your custom photos or choose which images are in which album to enable for use. For more info and specific instructions, click here

On the Brilliant Control, you can also choose the images you would like to display by going to Settings > Display.


Using time/date for display art on your Control: 

Choose what time or days you would like certain images to be displayed on your Brilliant Control. To set this up: 

  1. From the Home Screen, tap Settings > Display
  2. Time/Date: Tap on the timezone to select the correct option.
  3. Art/Photos: Tap Manage Art/Photos to select albums you want to enable. 

Note: When you enter Manage Art/Photos, you have the ability to set a shared library that is used across all the Brilliant Controls in your home.

  1. Select how often you want the Display to be on: 
    1. Off (Until Touched)
    2. On all the time
    3. On only during certain times
  2. You can also specify motion to add additional customization of your display settings by following the instructions here.