Which Brilliant is right for my room?

After you've selected a room, the next step is to identify the first light switch you want to replace. Here are several questions you should ask:

Does your old light switch panel have 1, 2, 3, or 4 switches?

A "gang box" is the metal structure housing a group (or gang) of wires behind the light switch in the wall. Brilliant must replace the same number of "gangs" as your existing switch. In other words, if you have two switches on your old light switch panel, you need to purchase the Two Switch Panel. You should replace all of the switches in a panel with one Brilliant.

Do multiple locations control the same lights?

When multiple locations control the same lights, this is called 3-way or multi-way. Brilliant is compatible with 3-way and 4-way switches in most circumstances. Check out our multi-way diagrams to make sure your 3-way or 4-way lighting set up is supported.

If your lighting configuration does not match one of the below diagrams, you'll need to select another switch, or install more Brilliants.