Brilliant Installation using Installation Templates

What are installation templates?

Brilliant has invested in a turnkey way to install and reconfigure your units to a default vacant state. Part of this process involves the installation template, which includes the devices and their configurations that are applied each time a unit turns from resident-to-resident.


Installation templates are typically created per unit layout/floorplan and are applied per unit in a building.


When logged in as a Building Manager on the Brilliant Mobile app, installation templates are accessed during initial installation from the Installations screen of the Brilliant mobile application (as shown in the images below).  The Installations screen can always be accessed from Settings, and can also be accessed from the Home screen when no devices have been installed.  Once a template is applied during setup, the template will be reapplied per turn, as mentioned above.




What if the installation template doesn’t match the setup in the unit?

You can make custom edits to the installation template in order to configure the template to match your desired device configurations. Once you confirm the installation is complete, the changes to the template are saved for that unit only.

Please reach out to your Brilliant contact if you identify any issues with the installation templates across multiple units.


Will I need to remove the wall plate to expose the QR code in order to install a Brilliant Switch?

No, Brilliant switches can still be installed without removing the wall plate.  To do so, indicate that the wall plate is still attached during the switch installation process (as shown in the image below).  


To see how to connect Brilliant Switches when the wall plate is attached, please watch this video.


Why am I getting an error message when trying to complete an installation for a unit?

You may be receiving an error message because a Brilliant device(s) in the installation template for the unit was not successfully installed and configured. 


Confirm that all Brilliant devices have been installed by verifying that they appear in the Brilliant Home on the Brilliant Home and Devices screen of the Brilliant mobile application (as shown in the images below).  If any Brilliant devices are missing, install the missing devices and try completing the installation again.  



If this issue persists, please reach out to your Brilliant contact.


How can I finish an installation for a unit if the install was started but not completed?  

An installation for a unit must be completed using the same mobile device that was used to start the installation.  Installation progress for a unit will appear on the Installation Guides screen of the Brilliant mobile application only on the same mobile device on which the install was initially started.  


If the mobile device that was used to start the installation is not available, you will need to reset all of the previously installed Brilliant devices and then configure all Brilliant devices in the installation template using a new mobile device.


To reset a previously installed Brilliant device:

  1. Log in to the Brilliant mobile app as a Building Manager.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Brilliant Home and Devices.
  3. Under the Devices section, select the Brilliant device that you want to reset.
  4. Under Advanced Settings, tap Remove Device.
  5. Enter your property's Brilliant home passcode.   
  6. Tap Confirm Removal.

If you are attempting to complete the installation with a different device than the one used to start the installation, we recommend reaching out to your Brilliant contact for help.  


How do I know if an installation for a unit has been completed?

An installation for a unit is completed when the installation for that unit is marked as complete after all devices in the installation template are installed and configured.    


A unit's installation is marked as complete on the Brilliant mobile application by tapping Complete Installation on the Installation screen (as shown in the images below).  




Installed devices will appear on the Brilliant Home and Devices screen in the Brilliant mobile application.