Initiating Resident Transitions


The Brilliant Command Center allows you to manage resident access to Brilliant across your properties.


If you've linked your units in Brilliant with an integrated property management software (PMS) system, then changes to a unit's residents must be made from the integrated PMS platform. 


How do I invite residents to a vacant unit?



To invite residents to a vacant unit:

  1. Log in to your organization’s Brilliant Command Center account.
  2. Select the property which contains the vacant unit.
  3. Select the vacant unit.
  4. Click Start Move In.  
  5. Click Send Invite to send an invitation email to the first resident.

After starting a move in by inviting the first resident, you can add any additional residents by clicking Add Resident on the Unit Details page.


The move in process will not be complete until at least one resident accepts their invite to join a vacant unit. When this happens, the unit’s state will change to “occupied” and its Brilliant Home will be reconfigured with the default settings for occupied units.

How do I know when a resident has accepted an invitation to join a unit?

When a resident accepts an invitation, the resident’s status will indicate the date and time they joined the unit on the Resident Details page. 


How do I revoke a resident’s access to the Brilliant devices in their unit?

There are two ways to revoke a resident’s access to the Brilliant devices in their unit:

  1. Removing the particular resident only.
  2. Starting a move out for the unit.

If you only want to revoke one resident’s access without impacting other current residents, you should remove the particular resident. This can be done from the Manage Resident popup for the relevant resident accessed by clicking on the resident’s gear icon on the Unit Details page. 

If you want to revoke all current resident’s access to the Brilliant devices in their unit, you should start a move out for the unit. A move out can be initiated from the Unit Details page on the Brilliant Command Center.  The move out process will remove all current residents, delete all resident information saved on devices in the Brilliant Home, and reconfigure the unit’s Brilliant Home with the default settings for vacant units.  

Once the move out process is complete, you will be able to control the unit remotely from the Brilliant mobile app after logging in as a building manager.