Unit Backup WiFi Configuration

Every unit in your Brilliant organization must be assigned a backup WiFi network that the unit's Brilliant devices will connect to while the unit is reconfiguring following a move in or move out. More information on the unit reconfiguration process can be found in our Unit Reconfiguration support article.


 If you would like to change the backup WiFi for a unit, please follow the instructions below: 

  1. Log in to the Brilliant Command Center. 
  2. Select the property including the relevant unit.  
  3. Select the relevant unit.
  4. Scroll down to Installation Settings and click Backup WiFi Settings.
  5. On the popup, change the Network Name and Password to the new network.
    • NOTE: Please ensure that you have the correct credentials. If the credentials are incorrect, the reconfiguration process will fail upon the next resident transition. 
  1. Save the changes made to the backup WiFi.

After new backup WiFi credentials are saved to the unit, the unit's Brilliant devices will stay connected to the current network until a resident is moved in or out. If you would like to apply the network immediately, please go to the unit itself and apply the changes manually.