Controlling Vacant Units with the Brilliant Mobile App


How do I control vacant units in my building? 

In order to control vacant units in your building(s), you must have a Brilliant Command Center account and the Brilliant Mobile app downloaded. 

  1. Open the Brilliant mobile app.
  2. Tap on Log in as Building Manager.
  3. Enter your Brilliant account credentials.
    • Note: This is the same account you use to log in on the Brilliant Command Center. If you have not received a Brilliant Command Center account, please reach out to your Brilliant contact.
  4. Select the building with the relevant vacant unit.
  5. Select a unit under the vacant tab.
  6. Start controlling the vacant unit's Brilliant Home.



What devices can I control in my vacant units? 

Any device that is tied to a vacant unit's Brilliant Home can be controlled using the Brilliant Mobile app. After selecting a vacant unit, you should be directed to the Home screen for that specific Brilliant Home and be able to start controlling devices. 


Why can’t I control occupied units in my building? 

We take security and privacy seriously. Once a resident has moved into the unit and has access to their Brilliant Home, we will revoke your access to control devices in their unit. 

If you believe that this is a mistake and the unit is actually vacant, please go to the Brilliant Command Center to ensure that there are no residents associated with the unit.