My Faceplate of My Wall-Mounted Control is Not Powering On

NOTE: This support article only pertains to devices that have a power cable and adaptor (Low Voltage Wall Mounted Controls)

If the faceplate of your Wall-Mounted Low Voltage Brilliant Control is not turning on please complete the following steps:

  1. Check that there is power to your device

    1. Check that your power outlet is working properly
    2. Check that your USB-A is plugged into the power adaptor.

  2. Check the faceplate

    1. Remove the faceplate from the mounting base plate
    2. Turn the faceplate over and check the gold contacts on the back to see if any of the gold contacts are bent. 
    3. Check the mounting screws on your base plate, they should be flush or below the base plate. You can use a manual screw driver to sink the mounting screws deeper into the wall. Try re-attaching the faceplate to see if it will power on.
    4. Put the faceplate back on the base. Make sure the hooks on the base are aligned with the notches on the faceplate. The faceplate must sit completely flush against the base plate to work properly. 

  3. Check the power cable

    1. If the device still is not powering on, remove the faceplate again and unscrew the base plate from the wall.
    2. Check that your cable is secure and fed through the strain relief channels. Try re-attaching the base plate and the faceplate to see if it will power on.

If you are still struggling to power on your Brilliant Control, please contact us at