Unit Reconfigurations




What are unit reconfigurations?

Unit reconfigurations occur whenever a unit's state changes in the Brilliant Command Center from "vacant" to "occupied" or vice versa.


During a unit reconfiguration:

  1. All of the unit's Brilliant devices are automatically reset, rebooted, and configured with default settings.
  2. All of the unit's Brilliant Controls connect to the Backup WiFi network set for the unit on the Brilliant Command Center.
  3. If applicable, all user data or other information added to the unit's Brilliant devices before the unit was reconfigured (such as lock screen photos) are also deleted. 

The particular default settings that are applied during a unit reconfiguration depend on whether the unit was changed to an occupied or vacant state. The exact default settings for these states are described in our support articles on Resident Move Ins and Resident Move Outs.


How long do unit reconfigurations take?

Unit reconfigurations should normally take around 5 minutes to complete, but in some cases may take longer. For example, unit configurations may take longer if the unit's Brilliant Controls are connected to a WiFi network with slow connection speeds.  


How are unit reconfigurations triggered? 

Unit reconfigurations are triggered when:

  1. After a move in is started for a vacant unit, the first resident accepts an invite to join the unit's Brilliant Home
    • This causes the unit's state to change to from vacant to occupied. 
  2. A move out is started for an occupied unit.
    • This causes the unit's state to change from occupied to vacant.
    • NOTE: This will only happen if ALL residents are removed from a unit. If some current resident remain, the unit will remain occupied and will not be reconfigured.

NOTE: If your Brilliant Command Center account is linked to a Property Management Software (PMS) platform, Brilliant will automatically start move ins and move outs when residents are added and removed from a unit in the linked PMS platform.  


What if a unit gets stuck reconfiguring?

If a Unit Reconfiguration does not complete within 30 minutes, a Unit Reconfiguration Issue alert will be triggered. Some reasons a unit may be unable to finish reconfiguration include:

  1. A Brilliant Control in the unit is offline when the unit reconfiguration begins.
    • This can be resolved by re-connecting the Brilliant Control to WiFi.
  2. The expected backup WiFi network set for the unit is not available.
    • This can be resolved by making the expected backup WiFi network available or setting the backup WiFi for the unit to a different available network on the Brilliant Command Center (see our support article on Unit Backup WiFi Configuration for more info).

You can find more detailed instructions for resolving reconfiguration issues in our support article on Unit Reconfiguration Issue alerts.  If none of the solutions described there appear to resolve your issue, please reach out to Brilliant support for assistance.