Resetting a Unit's Installation State


When would I need to reset a unit's installation state?

Resetting a unit's installation state will allow your to set up the unit's Brilliant system again from scratch.


Common scenarios where this is needed are:

  1. You want to add more Brilliant or third-party devices to a unit's Brilliant ecosystem.
  2. You need to replace a Brilliant or third-party device in a unit's Brilliant ecosystem.  
  3. A unit gets stuck while reconfiguring during a resident transition and you are unable to resolve the issue.


How do I reset a unit's installation state?

To reset a unit's installation state:

  1. Log in to the Brilliant Command Center.
  2. Navigate to the relevant unit.
  3. Under Installation Settings, select Reset Installation.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and click Confirm Reset.

Unit Detail (Vacant).png



What happens when I reset a unit's installation state?

When you reset a unit's installation state:

  • If occupied, all residents will lose all access to the unit’s Brilliant home and its devices.
  • Brilliant will attempt to reset all of the unit’s Brilliant devices and remove all settings that were previously applied. If any of the unit’s Brilliant devices are offline, you will need to reset them manually.
  • Before you can start another move in, you will need to set up all of this unit’s devices again and mark the unit’s installation complete using the Brilliant mobile app.

If the unit was occupied before the reset, you will need to re-invite all residents to the unit once the unit's installation is marked complete (unless the unit is linked to an integrated Property Management Software (PMS) platform, see below).

If the unit's residents are managed through an integrated PMS platform, Brilliant will automatically re-invite all residents to Brilliant within 30 minutes.