Deako Integration through SmartThings

How does Brilliant integrate with Deako?

All Smart Deako devices are supported on Brilliant via SmartThings. 

It will require: 

  • Smart Deako switches, dimmers, or plugs.
  • Your Deako Devices must be controllable by the Deako Mobile app. 
  • Your SmartThings Mobile App must be able to discover and control them. 

Set this up using your SmartThings App and your Brilliant Control:

Make sure your Deako devices work on the SmartThings Mobile App:

  1. Install your Deako devices and set them up on the Deako Mobile App. 
  2. On your Deako Mobile App: Verify that you can control your Deako devices.
  3. Open your SmartThings Mobile App.
  4. On your SmartThings Mobile App: Create / Log into your Samsung account
  5. On your SmartThings Mobile App: Add your Deako Devices to your Samsung SmartThings App. For more info describing this process, please visit this article. 
  6. On your SmartThings Mobile App: Verify that the devices are discovered and operating as expected on the SmartThings App.

Add Deako devices to Brilliant through SmartThings:

  1. On your Brilliant Control or mobile app: Tap on Rooms > [Select a Room] > Add Devices > SmartThings.
  2. On your Brilliant Control or mobile app: You will be taken to a screen (web view) that allows you to log into your Samsung Account - Please log in.
  3. On your Brilliant Control or mobile app: You will be asked which SmartThings-connected devices can be discovered by Brilliant. This list will display within a web view on your Control and should include all lights, switches, shades, and locks that you have discovered on your SmartThings app.
  4. On your Brilliant Control or mobile app: Confirm authorizing these devices from the SmartThings web view.
  5. On your Brilliant Control or mobile app: You will be taken back through the add device flow to finish setting them up (by adding to rooms and any additional options).
  6. (Optional) On your Brilliant Control: If your device is a Light and would like it to appear as one, please select the checkbox indicating it is a light during this step. 
  7. Your devices will now show up on Brilliant - both the control and mobile app, and you can use them as expected across sliders, scenes, and device control.

Deleting a Deako Device from the Room

1. Tap "Rooms". 

2. Choose a room. 

4. Tap the button that looks like a pencil in the top right corner to edit.

5. Tap the trash can to the right of the device name.

6. A window will pop up, "Are you sure?" click "Yes".