How does Brilliant work with Alexa?

We support Amazon Alexa in two ways.

Alexa is built into Brilliant

First, Alexa is built into Brilliant, meaning you can ask it things directly like “Alexa, what’s the weather today?”, and it will respond via the speaker in the Brilliant Control.

You don’t need an Echo or Dot in that room to access Alexa services.

Alexa can control Brilliant devices

We also have an Alexa Home Skill, so if you already use Alexa for lots of smart home commands, you can also add turning on/off lights connected to Brilliant devices. 

What about my other Alexa connected Devices?

Because we are an Alexa device, we work as part of your Alexa connected devices. If you have multiple devices, it will operate using Amazon's Echo Spatial Perception to determine which device it will respond from. You can learn more here

How do I set this up?

Follow the instructions below to set up the complete Alexa Experience on your Brilliant Control

  1. Set up Alexa Voice Assistant on your Brilliant Control 
  2. Set up Alexa to be able to control your connected loads on your Brilliant Control

Optimize your Alexa Experience on your Brilliant

Visit this article once you have set up your Alexa experience to optimize it with some tips from Brilliant!