Works with Google Assistant

What Brilliant supports

Use Google Assistant to control devices connected to your Brilliant (usually lights) by speaking commands to any Google Assistant-enabled device (e.g. smartphone, Google Home, etc.).

Google Assistant is not currently built into the Control, but Brilliant is always evaluating new ways to enhance the integration.

How to set it up

To connect your Brilliant Control to Google Assistant:

  1. Open the Google Home app on your mobile device.
  2. On the Home tab, tap Add (+).
  3. Tap Set up device.
  4. Select Works With Google > Have something already set up?
  5. Search or find Brilliant Light Control in the list.
  6. Enter email on your Brilliant account to complete setup.

After setup

You can control lights connected to your Brilliant Control or Dimmer Switch as well as toggle devices connected to your Brilliant Plug

For example, if you have a Brilliant in the kitchen that is directly connected to lights, you can go to your Google Home and say "Hey Google, turn on the kitchen lights".

Troubleshooting Notes

Low Wattage Bulbs

If you go through the setup steps above and see an error in the Google Home app such as Something went wrong, this could be due to use of a low wattage bulb (<10W) connected to a multiway setup. 

Controlling these lights using Google Assistant (and Alexa) is not supported with this type of configuration as Brilliant cannot detect the state of the switch (on/off).

You can check if this is the detected state of the light in Settings > Light.