Customize your Home Screen

As of Release v22.08.31.1, you will have the ability to fully customize the Home Screen on your Brilliant control as described here. 

Home Screen Shortcuts

There are three different types of shortcuts that can be pinned to your Brilliant control's home screen.  An example of each type of shortcut is shown pinned to the Home Screen on the following screenshot. 



Home Function Shortcuts

  • Home function shortcuts replace one of the navigation options that are available by default on your Brilliant control's Home screen navigation tray (e.g., "Lights", "Scenes", "Access," etc.).
  • Tapping a home function shortcut will display the relevant screen on your Brilliant control.  

Scene Shortcuts

  • Scene shortcuts correspond to a particular scene in your Brilliant home. 
  • Tapping a scene shortcut will execute the relevant scene.  

Device Shortcuts

  • Device shortcuts correspond to a particular device added to your Brilliant home. 
  • Tapping a device shortcut will display a screen to adjust the relevant device.   
  • Device shortcuts also display a status for certain types of devices (e.g., if a light is ON or OFF).  

Room Shortcuts: 

  • Room shortcuts correspond to a particular room in your Brilliant home. 
  • Tapping a room shortcut will display a screen listing the devices assigned to the relevant room.

Pinning Shortcuts from the Home Screen

When there is space available on the Home Screen to pin another shortcut, you will be shown an option to add a shortcut on the Home Screen, as shown below.  



After tapping to add a shortcut, follow the on-screen instructions to select a particular shortcut to pin to your Home Screen, as shown below.


 Homescreen_Add_Shortcut_-_with_Nonex2.png         pick_shortcut.png


Pinning Shortcuts from Settings

If you would like to customize your Home Screen further:

  1. Go to Settings by tapping on the top right of the Home Screen.
  2. Then tap the row titled "Home Screen"


When in the Home Screen Customization flow, you now can choose which icon to EDIT or ADD



Entering Edit Mode on a Shortcut will allow you to choose one of three options: (1) DELETE by tapping the trash icon, (2) MOVE by tapping another spot, and (3) CHANGE by tapping on the current shortcut.



Tapping to CHANGE will direct you to the same flow to select a particular shortcut described above under "Pinning Shortcuts from the Home Screen."