Control your Display with Motion

You can set the Display on your Brilliant Control's display to be controlled via Motion. 

To access motion settings, take the following steps on mobile or control. 

To Set up via your Control

  1. To do this, tap Settings from your Home Screen and then visit Motion.
  2. While on Motion Settings
    • You can set the Display to turn ON when motion is detected
    • You can set the Display to turn OFF after no motion is detected for 1, 5, 10, or 30 minutes.

To set up via your mobile app

  1. Tap the settings button in the brilliant iOS or Android mobile app
  2. Tap Brilliant Home and Devices
  3. Find the Home Automation section and tap on motion settings. (You will have to scroll down slightly to find this section.)
  4. Adding motion rules:
    • If you have no existing motion rules for this Brilliant device tap the add button to add motion rules for this device and follow the flow.
      Screen_Shot_2022-05-03_at_4.57.03_PM.png.    Screen_Shot_2022-05-03_at_4.59.06_PM.png
    • If you have existing motion rules for this device tap on the device panel to access its motion settings page


    • Note: If  you have your display set to Always ON you will have to enable motion rules by tapping the button highlighted in this image. 
      • Make sure the display motion rules tab is selected in the upper navigation bar
      • Toggle on Your display settings motion rules to activate and deactivate your display with motion. Note: Toggling on activating with motion will automatically toggle on deactivating with motion. 
      • Your display will deactivate after a set period of time 1, 5, 10, or 30 minutes. 
    • Screen_Shot_2022-05-03_at_5.03.35_PM.png

How your display settings impact your motion settings

The Display Settings that you have set impact your options here. 

  • If you have Display Settings set to OFF (unless touched), your Motion settings will apply at all times.
  • If you have Display Settings set to be on during specific times, your Motion settings will apply only during the times you have set your Display to be on.
  • If you have Display Settings set to be ON (all the time), Motion settings CANNOT be applied.