Setting up Live Video Access across your Brilliant Controls

What is supported?

At this point, Brilliant supports Live Video Access across other Brilliant Controls in the same home, otherwise known as "baby cam".

You must have more than one control in your Brilliant home for this feature to be accessible.  

Remote video access is available on both iOS and Android

When do you usually set it up?

When setting up a new control, you will be asked to either enable or disable live video access on your Brilliant Control. 

Otherwise, you can always visit Privacy Settings to enable specific controls within your smart home to enable or disable live video access.

How does the Live Video access work?

When enabled, users can access live video on another Brilliant Control in the same smart home, thereby monitoring the other room. 

This can be disabled on any specific control by visiting Privacy Settings. 

Set up and control Live Video Access in your Brilliant Smart Home


From the Brilliant Control

  1. On the Home Screen of your Brilliant Smart Home Control, tap Settings
  2. Under Settings, tap Privacy
    1. If you don't have a home passcode set up, you will be asked to set one up. This may involve you verifying your identity before being allowed to set up your 4-digit passcode.
  3. Under Privacy Settings, tap Remote Video Access
  4. Under this section, you have the option of enabling or disabling video access on any Brilliant Smart Home Control in your home 

From your Mobile Phone

  1. Tap Settings (Gear Icon) in the top left of your app
  2. Tap on Brilliant Home and Devices
  3. Select the device you would like to set up Live Video Access
  4. You are now in Device Settings. Tap on Privacy
  5. Verify your identity as a Home Administrator by entering your Home Passcode
  6. Once verified, you will be taken to Privacy Settings. 
  7. Check/uncheck the Remote Video Access to allow verified users to remotely access video and audio with Live View on this Control.