How does Brilliant use traffic on your WiFi network?

The purpose of the Brilliant Control is to put the user's entire home at their fingertips.

Our goal is to show you an accurate snapshot of your home at all times.

How this works with Third-Party Integrations

Brilliant will attempt to always stay synchronized with the various third-party integrations enabled.

Some examples:

  • State needs to be reported to our cloud service in order to keep the mobile app up-to-date and to properly sync with integrations like Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • When you integrate with third-party devices, like SmartThings or Sonos, state changes on one of those devices will trigger activity on the Brilliant Control to reflect and re-broadcast that information.
  • In some instances the third party device is not able to push state to Brilliant, so instead we must periodically poll these services for updates.

Software Updates

We also regularly issue software updates to deliver bug fixes and enhancements to customer devices, and the Brilliant Control will collect and report back a wide array of diagnostic information that we use to identify issues and ensure the devices are performing optimally.