Release v19.01.02

Released on 1/15/2019 (auto-updated on 1/16/2019)

New Feature: Control Settings Screen

  • We separated Light Settings and Control Settings for clarity, so users understand naming the light is different than naming the Control.

Toggle and Slider UI Updates

  • As part of our UX updates, we have tried to indicate to users when devices are OFF vs ON.
  • Orange = ON, OFF = Gray

Sonos and Room Navigational Elements

  • We’ve added simple UX changes to make it easier for users to interact with Sonos speakers when not playing music, better indicators for when users are.
  • We’ve also standardized how users can navigate through different rooms with an outline around the room name.

New Feature: Alexa On/Off Indicator

  • When Alexa is now configured fully, we will display indicator text for additional clarity.

Various Fixes: Ring, Wemo, Lock Status

  • The following issues were resolved in this release:
    • Brilliant not updating lock status when the physical August lock is manually turned
    • Brilliant not updating lock status when changed through the August mobile app
    • Ring Live View not appearing
    • Not being able to log into Ring on the 1st attempt.
    • Light type option for Wemo being auto-unselected.