Release v19.03.13

Released on 3/18/2019 (auto-updated on 3/19/2019). 

Updates to device naming

  • When you rename a non-Brilliant device, you have the ability to reset it back to the device name from the manufacturer's app. 
  • Note: Sonos devices do not support custom naming through the Brilliant Control 

Music experience standardization

  • Similar to leading music applications on your mobile phone, we have standardized the behavior of the back button on the Now Playing screen to perform in the following manner:
    • Tapping back once will take you back to the beginning of the song, while twice will take you to the previous track (if available). 



Other Updates

  • Performance improvements to Ring live view and when you view your thermostat. 
  • Various user experience handling for when Brilliant is not connected to the internet and is not able to synchronize time and date. 
  • Support for allowing multiple Sonos devices under different accounts to be controlled by your Brilliant Control.