Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Devices Integration through SmartThings

If you have a Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi Devices, you can connect and control them through the Brilliant Smart Home Control. 

You can find the full list of Leviton devices that are supported via SmartThings here: https://www.smartthings.com/partners/leviton


  1. Your Leviton Devices must be able to be controlled from the My Leviton Mobile app. 
  2. Your SmartThings Mobile App must be able to discover and control them. 

Set this up using your SmartThings App and your Brilliant Control:

Make sure your Leviton devices work on the Leviton Mobile App:

  1. Install your Leviton Decora Smart Wi-Fi devices and set it up on the My Leviton Mobile App (iOS, Android). 
  2. On your My Leviton Mobile App: Verify that you can control your Leviton devices.

Make sure your Leviton devices work on the SmartThings Mobile App:

  1. Open your SmartThings Mobile App (iOS, Android).
  2. On your SmartThings Mobile App: Create / Log into your Samsung account
  3. On your SmartThings Mobile App: Add your Leviton Smart Wi-Fi Devices to your Samsung SmartThings App. For more info describing this process, please visit this article
  4. On your SmartThings Mobile App: Verify that the devices are discovered and operating as expected on the SmartThings App.

Add Leviton devices to Brilliant through SmartThings:

  1. On your Brilliant Control: Tap on Rooms > [Select a Room] > Add Devices > SmartThings.
  2. On your Brilliant Control: You will be taken to a screen (webview) that allows you to log into your Samsung Account - Please log in.
  3. On your Brilliant Control: You will be asked which SmartThings-connected devices can be discovered by Brilliant. This list will display within a web view on your Control and should include all lights, switches, and locks that you have discovered on your SmartThings app in step #3.
  4. On your Brilliant Control: Confirm to authorize these devices from the SmartThings web view.
  5. On your Brilliant Control: You will be taken back through the add device flow to finish setting them up (by adding to rooms and any additional options).
  6. (Optional) On your Brilliant Control: If your device is a Light and would like it to show up as one, please select the checkbox that indicates it is a light during this step. 
  7. Your devices will now show up on Brilliant - both the control and mobile app, and you can use them as expected across sliders, scenes, and device control.

Deleting a Leviton Smart Wi-Fi Device from the Room

1. Tap "Rooms". 

2. Choose a room. 

4. Tap the button that looks like a pencil in the top right corner to edit.

5. Tap the trash can to the right of the device name.

6. A window will pop up, "Are you sure?" click "Yes".