What does it mean to "reset" an Integration?

As of the v19.04.10 release, you have the ability to reset any integration you have set up on your Brilliant Home.

This is primarily used for the below cases:

  • You are instructed by support to reset an integration to resolve any potential issues you are experiencing. 
  • You have set up an integration with an incorrect login (ex. Ring, SmartThings, etc..) and would like to change it.

How do I reset an integration?

This applies to a Brilliant Control ONLY:

  1. Go to Settings > Works with Brilliant
  2. Tap on the Integration that you would like to reset.
  3. Tap on the button for Reset Integration
  4. Tap to confirm
  5. Your Integration should reset shortly and you will be able to visit Rooms > [Select a Room] > Add Devices to set up a new integration.