Release v19.05.08

Released on 05/13/2019 (auto-updated on 5/14/2019)

Brilliant in Alexa Smart Home Groups

If you add Brilliant Controls under a Smart Home Group as an "Alexa-Enabled Device", Alexa on your Brilliant can act intelligently on your request.

For example, say, "Lights on," when standing in the room that corresponds to your smart home group to control the devices in that group. 

Make sure you are on the latest version of the Alexa app on your Mobile phone to enable this feature. For more information, please visit our guide for optimizing your Alexa Experience

Please note: At this time, the iOS version of Alexa app lists the Brilliant Control as an Alexa-enabled Device available for use in groups. This is currently unavailable in the Android version of the Alexa app, but should be available soon.

Simplified Intercom User Experience

We have simplified the user experience to make it easier for you to broadcast to your home and make audio/video calls. 



Tap on your Sliders to Toggle Lights and On/Off Devices

You now have the ability to toggle your lights, certain devices, and outlets ON/OFF with a single tap on your Brilliant Control sliders. 

  • This will be default enabled on your Brilliant Control. To disable, go to Settings > Sliders and you will see an option for "On/Off by Tap". 
  • Note: Tapping on your slider will NOT control your music devices. 



Other Updates

  • Improvements to motion activation to control your devices. 
  • Minor improvements to Sonos device discovery.