Installing Brilliant in 4-Way Configuration

If you have a multi-way configuration where a single load is controlled by three or more switches, we recommend having an electrician come to help install your Brilliant.

Whether or not you decide to use a professional to install your Brilliant in a 4-way configuration, you’ll need to know the following:

  • Brilliant will not work in any multi-way configuration with a dimmer as the other switch.  You can either replace the dimmer with an “on/off” switch or with another Brilliant.
  • Brilliant cannot be installed in the middle of the circuit in a 4-way configuration.  A Brilliant MUST be installed either closest to the line and/or closest to the load.
    • Once a Brilliant is installed at either end of the circuit, you can put as many Brilliants as you like, so long as the Brilliants are adjacent to each other in the switching chain.

Please read this article for more information before installing your Brilliant in a multi-way configuration.