Which Light is Directly Connected to my Brilliant Control?

To determine which light in your home is directly connected to your Brilliant Control, simply go to Settings > Light. 

  • The highlighted number at the top of the screen indicates which slider the light is connected to. (e.g. The number 1 corresponds to the left-most slider if you are facing your Brilliant faceplate). 
    • For 1-switch Brilliant Controls you will not see any numbers at the top, as there is only one directly connected light (and no sliders). 
  • You will see a Connected Light section that displays the name and type of light that is directly connected. 
  • You will also see a Room Location section towards the bottom of the screen, which tells you where this light is located in your home. 


This is helpful information to know when configuring specific light actions (e.g. Scenes) on your Brilliant Control.