Release v19.05.22

Released on 05/28/19 (auto-updated on 05/29/19) 

Motion Control: 1 Minute Timeout Option 

If you are using motion detection to turn OFF your display, lights, or other devices, you will now be able to choose 1 minute as a motion timeout option (i.e. Your display, light, or device will turn OFF after no motion is detected for 1 minute). 

As usual, this can be accessed through Settings > Motion on your Brilliant Control. Learn more here

Activate Brilliant Scenes with Voice through Alexa 

You can now activate your Brilliant Scenes with voice through Alexa in your home once you have your Brilliant Home Skill configured in Alexa. 

Simply say, "Alexa, turn on scene <brilliant scene name>" (e.g. "Alexa, turn on scene watch movie"). 

Please note that scenes that contain a door lock action are not currently supported with Alexa. 

Learn more about this feature here

Other Updates

  • Minor improvements for smoother motion control execution across lights/devices. 
  • Stability fixes for Ring, Wemo, and Ecobee integrations