Use Alexa Smart Home Groups with your Brilliant

Alexa has a feature for creating groups across your devices. We have recommended steps below to help improve your Alexa experience in your Brilliant home:

  1. Open your Mobile Phone and open your Alexa app (iOS / Android)
  2. Tap on the right-most tab, called "Devices"
  3. On the top right, tap the "+" icon.
  4. Select "Add Group"
  5. Enter in your preferred name for the group, and then tap next.
  6. On the next screen, define your group by selecting all of your Alexa-Enabled Devices that you would like to control.
  7. You will be taken back to the main Devices screen in your Alexa App. Tap on the group you just created.
  8. Select the Preferred Speaker for this group (ex. a Sonos in your home) and any Brilliant Controls under the Alexa-Enabled Devices
  9. Now, if you had set up your Living Room AND have your Brilliant Control as an Alexa-Enabled device in your Living Room, you can simply say phrases like "Play Kanye West", "Turn on my lights", or "Lights on" to your Brilliant!

For more information, please visit Amazon Alexa Help.

Add Brilliant Controls under Alexa-Enabled Devices

If you add Brilliant Controls under a Smart Home Group as an Alexa-Enabled Device, your Alexa on your Brilliant can act intelligently on your request.

For example, say, "Lights on," when standing in the room that corresponds to your smart home group to control the devices in that group.