Release v19.07.03

Released on 07/16/19 (auto-updated on 07/17/19) 

Philips Hue Color Control 

You can now control the color of your Hue light through your Brilliant Control. This feature is only compatible with Hue ambiance lights. Learn more about color control here.


Screen_Shot_2019-07-09_at_5.22.19_PM.png   Screen_Shot_2019-07-09_at_5.22.50_PM.png

Other Updates

  • When playing music from your Brilliant Control, what used to be called Favorites is now referred to as My Sonos. This is to maintain parity with your experience in your Sonos app. 
  • Minor screen gesture improvements for controlling lights. 
  • Minor changes to how Hue Groups are ordered in your Device List.