Control the Color of Your Lights

Manually Control the Color of Your Lights

From your Brilliant Control, you can set the color of your smart lights. 

  1. From either the Room or Device List on your Brilliant Control, you will see a color indicator that shows the current color of your light.
  2. To change the color of your light, tap on EDIT COLOR. 
    • You can choose from either a list of preset colors OR a selection of recent colors. 


Screen_Shot_2019-08-26_at_12.11.51_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2019-08-26_at_12.12.02_PM.png  Screen_Shot_2019-08-26_at_12.12.15_PM.png   

Control Light Color Through Brilliant Scenes 

You can also use Brilliant Scenes to automatically set the color of your smart lights. 

  1. Go to Scenes > Create new scene 
  2. Name your scene > Add new action > Choose the room that your smart light/group is in 
  3. Under "This Device" choose your desired smart light/group 
  4. Under "Will Do This" > Choose "Set To" from the dropdown menu 
  5. Set the desired brightness level > Tap on the color indicator under "Color Setting" 
  6. Choose color > Save > Add Action > Create Scene