Release v19.11.20 -- Public Release on 12/04/19

Light Dimming Customization 

We've made improvements to how your lights dim when Brilliant is directly connected to them.

You can now customize the rate at which your lights fade in (to full brightness) and fade out (turn off completely) when you toggle them ON or OFF. The default fade in and fade out rates for your lights are set to 1 second. To change these settings, simply follow the instructions listed here

Screen_Shot_2019-11-20_at_11.03.33_PM.png    Screen_Shot_2019-11-20_at_11.03.47_PM.png

Child Lock 

When enabled, verification of your passcode will be required to get past the Lock Screen of the specific Brilliant Control you have enabled this on. This operates very similarly to the security lock you can place on your Mobile Phone. 

You will still be able to control the devices you have assigned to your screen gestures OR to your sliders without entering the home passcode.

This can be helpful if you have small children whom you do not want accessing anything past direct lights on your Control. 

To configure, visit Settings --> Privacy Settings and tap on Configuration Lock. For more detailed instructions, please visit here

Screen_Shot_2019-11-20_at_11.05.14_PM.png      Screen_Shot_2019-11-20_at_11.06.49_PM.png

Sonos Line In support in My Sonos

Once you have configured a line in source to your Sonos app, you will be able to also select these devices in My Sonos on your Brilliant Control(s). 


Other Updates

  • Minor bug fixes