Child Lock

How does the Child Lock work?

When enabled, verification of your passcode will be required to get past the Lock Screen of the specific Brilliant Control you have enabled this on. This operates very similarly to the security lock you can place on your Mobile Phone. 

You will still be able to control the devices you have assigned to your screen gestures OR to your sliders without entering the home passcode.

This can be helpful if you have small children that you do not want accessing anything past direct lights on your Control. 

Can I use the Child Lock in addition to the Home Settings Lock?

Yes, it is possible to have both your Home Settings Lock and the Child Lock enabled.

This implies that ALL devices in the home will have the settings/configuration locked, and ONLY the specific devices that have Child Lock enabled will require a passcode to go past the Lock Screen. 

Set up and turn on your Child Lock in your Brilliant Smart Home

  1. On the Home Screen of your Brilliant Smart Home Control, tap Settings
  2. Under Settings, tap Privacy

    NOTE: If you don't have a home passcode set up, you will be asked to set one up. This may involve you verifying your identity before being allowed to set up your 4-digit passcode.

  3. Under Privacy Settings, tap on Configuration Lock
  4. Go to the section labeled Child Lock
  5. Under this section, you have the option of enabling or disabling the lock only for the specific Control you are accessing it from

Screen_Shot_2019-11-20_at_11.05.14_PM.png      Screen_Shot_2019-11-20_at_11.06.49_PM.png