Customizing Motion on your Switch


How this works

You can use set up your switch as an occupancy sensor, triggering lights to turn ON automatically upon the detection of motion and turns the lights OFF automatically soon after an area is vacated.

Required Software Versions: Your switch and control must be on the following software versions to be available. 

  • Switch Firmware: v20200923 or above
  • Control: v20200930 or above

Instructions on your Brilliant Control:

  1. Brilliant Control > Rooms > Choose the room that your Switch is located in
  2. Tap the pencil icon at the top right of screen > Tap on the device that is labeled "Brilliant Switch"
  3. Scroll down to Motion Controls > Update Motion Settings
  4. Add New Device > Choose your desired device > Apply
  5. Under Options... 
    1. For turning ON lights when motion is detected: select "Turn devices ON when motion is detected"
    2. For turning OFF lights after inactivity: select "Turn devices OFF after no motion is detected for..." > Choose X minutes > Apply



Adjusting Motion Sensitivity

If the motion detection is too sensitive or not enough, visit Advanced Motion Settings to adjust your settings.