New Sonos S2 App and Operating System

Sonos new S2 app and operating system

Sonos has released a new app and operating system called S2. This new app and operating system are not compatible with all of their products (primarily their older products). You can find out more about which products do or do not work with the new S2 app via this link (

What happens if I have one of the Sonos devices that is not compatible with S2?

You will still be able to use the device via the legacy Sonos app, however, legacy devices cannot be grouped or controlled together with devices that have been upgraded to S2. 


What does this mean for my Sonos/Brilliant Integration?

Similar to the functionality with Sonos’ new S2 platform and their legacy devices, your Brilliant/Sonos integration will be able to control legacy devices individually but you will not be able to group legacy devices and non-legacy devices together.