Nest Account Migration to Google


As of 04/15/2021, Brilliant will no longer support Nest devices that are linked to a Nest account. This means that all Brilliant users who currently have Nest integrated are required to: 

  1. Migrate their Nest account to Google 
  2. Update the Nest integration on Brilliant 

Brilliant users will not be able to update their Nest integration on Brilliant until their Nest account has been migrated to Google. Click here for more details. 

Note: Migrating your Nest account to Google may impact other integrations outside of Brilliant. Please be sure to review Google's FAQ's about accounts for the Nest app before migrating your account. 

Update Nest integration on Brilliant 

Note: After 05/24/2021, these instructions will not be valid. Please use the Add Device button on your Home Screen to add Google Nest to your Brilliant Home. 


The following steps can be used to update your Nest integration on Brilliant: 

  1. Go to your Brilliant Control
  2. Go to your Home Screen
  3. Check for an Alert in your Alert Center
  4. Tap the "Update Google Nest" Alert 
  5. Follow the instructions and sign in using your Google account 


What is changing?

Beginning in August 2019, Google deprecated support for Nest-only accounts to be linked with third party products. This meant no new linking could be done with Nest-only accounts to Brilliant.

Brilliant has worked with Google to allow Google Nest accounts to integrate with your Brilliant Home. While this applies primarily to thermostat support on Brilliant today, this will include additional Google Nest products in the future.

What do I need to do?

Please sign in using your Google account to migrate to the new integration solution on Brilliant.

As we guide you through this migration, your devices will need to be re-added to your Brilliant Homes. You will need to re-add any scene actions that contained Nest. Please be sure to also enable the Google Nest Alexa Skill to control your Google Nest device using Alexa. 

Is there a deadline to do this?

The deadline to complete this guided migration will be 04/15/2021. After this date, we will no longer support your Nest integration.

Please note that if you do not migrate your Nest account to Google and authorize Brilliant access to your Nest devices using your Google account by 05/24/2021, your Nest devices will be removed from your Brilliant Home.