How to set up the Security widget with Daily Experience

This integration currently requires a Resideo Pro Series Panel. Support for additional panel types coming soon. 

What is Daily Experience?

Daily Experience is a feature to select one or more Brilliant Controls at the home to display the Security widget as shown below. The Security widget displays the arm status of the Security System and can be tapped to authorize disarming the Security System. You will also decide the priority of widgets between Security and Music.



Set up the Security Widget with Daily Experience

  1. On the Control Home Screen, tap the Security shortcut or icon.

  2. Tap on the Settings icon.

  3. Tap on “Update Selected Controls” to select which Controls to display Security Widget and tap “Continue“.

  4. Select the priority of widgets and tap “Continue“.

  5. If you encounter an error, you can restart the steps above to set up the Security widget.