SmartThings Integration Update

SmartThings is upgrading the integration with all partners. If you have an “Update SmartThings“ alert in the Alert Center on your Brilliant Control, please tap on the alert to sign into your SmartThings account again by 03/31/2022.

To ensure a smooth transition, Brilliant has worked with SmartThings to retain your device information so your devices and scenes will remain unchanged once you update the integration. If the integration is not updated by 03/31/2022*, Brilliant will remove your SmartThings devices and you will need to re-add the integration and configure the devices.


*This only applies to users who receive the “Update SmartThings“ alert.

Update SmartThings integration on Brilliant 

Note: After 03/31/2022, the instructions below will invalid. Please use the Add Device button on your Home Screen to add SmartThings devices to your Brilliant Home. 


Follow the steps to update your SmartThings integration on Brilliant: 

  1. Go to your Brilliant Control

  2. Go to your Home Screen

  3. Check for an Alert in your Alert Center

  4. Tap the "Update SmartThings" Alert 

  5. Follow the instructions and sign in using your SmartThings account