Release v22.02.02 - Public Release 2/7/2022

Google Nest Updates

Google Nest released new camera and doorbell products late last year that were not supported by the Brilliant integration. This update confirms that Brilliant supports the entire line of Google Nest Cameras and Doorbells. 

Resideo Total Connect 2.0 Updates

We have made further updates to the Resideo Total Connect 2.0 integration to support the following:

  • When your security system is in the Disarmed Not Ready state, we will display as such across the Brilliant experience.
  • Brilliant currently only supports the integration with the Pro Series Panels from Resideo. This update will check intelligently through your Resideo account and let you know if your system setup is supported or not. Brilliant and Resideo are actively working together to support additional panel types. 

Other Updates

This update consists of various performance improvements and bug fixes to maintain a secure and seamless user experience