Create and Pin a Scene

What are Scenes?

Scenes are a powerful feature within the Brilliant ecosystem that allows you to automate your home through actions across all of your smart devices. 

You can easily create a scene that can turn on your lights, play music, and change the climate in your home with the tap of your finger or at a specific time

Create a new Scene

1. Tap Scenes from the bottom tray of your Home Screen.

2. When you enter Scenes for the first time, you will notice you only have two automated scenes - "Turn all Lights Off" and "Turn all Lights On". These scenes will automatically include all the lights in your home to turn on/off.

3. Tap Create New Scene

4. When on the Create New Scene screen, you have the option to either add a new action or copy an existing scene. We will explore what the latter means in the below section. You also will be required to name your scene and choose the icon you would like to best represent the scene.

5. Select Add New Action

6. Select the room, the device, and the action that you would like executed within the scene. When complete, select the checkmark to add the action. 

7. When complete you will be able to select the checkmark on the Create Scene page to finish adding a new scene. 


Copy an existing Scene 

If you have any existing scenes, you have the ability to copy a scene to create a new scene and add/edit/remove any of the actions that were in the copied scene. 

Set a timer on a Scene to execute at a specific time

On any scene, you have the ability to set it to execute at a combination of the below:

  • Specific Days of the week
  • Specific Date Range
  • A particular time of the day or at Sunrise/Sunset


Pin an Existing Scene

Follow instructions on how to customize your home screen to pin an existing scene.