Arlo Integration through SmartThings

How does Brilliant Integrate with Arlo?

Arlo devices are supported on Brilliant via SmartThings. This integration ONLY requires a SmartThings account and not the SmartThings bridge.


You can find the full list of Arlo devices that are supported via SmartThings here: .

Please ensure the following:

  • Your Arlo devices must be able to be viewed from the Arlo Mobile app AND the SmartThings Mobile app.
  • Your Arlo device resolution must be configured to be 1080p or below to access the live view on Brilliant Controls. To learn more, visit the Resolution Requirement section here.


Brilliant allows you to view your Arlo devices in the following ways:

  • Access live view of your Arlo cameras and doorbells on your Brilliant Controls and Brilliant mobile app.
  • Control a paired lock and/or a security system when you view your doorbell.


Setting up Arlo with SmartThings and Brilliant:

Make sure your Arlo devices work on the Arlo Mobile App:

  1. Install your Arlo devices and set them up on the Arlo Mobile App. 

  2. On your Arlo Mobile App: Verify that you can view your Arlo devices.

Make sure your Arlo devices work on the SmartThings Mobile App:

On your SmartThings Mobile App (iOS, Android):

  1. Create / Log into your Samsung account.

  2. Add your Arlo Devices to your Samsung SmartThings App.

  3. Verify that the devices are discovered and operating as expected on the SmartThings App.

Add Arlo devices to Brilliant through SmartThings:

If you have an existing SmartThings integration:

  1. Newly discovered Arlo devices will be shown in the Alert Center on the Home Screen of Brilliant Controls. Tap on the alert to add your Arlo devices to your Brilliant home.

  2. Your devices will now show up on Brilliant - both the control and mobile app, and you can use them as expected across scenes and device control.

If you are connecting SmartThings devices for the first time:

  1. On Brilliant:

    1. Tap on Add > SmartThings on the Brilliant Control OR

    2. Tap on the Settings icon > Works With > SmartThings on the Brilliant Mobile App.

  2. You will receive instructions in your Brilliant email to authorize your Samsung account.

  3. You will be asked which SmartThings home can be discovered by Brilliant. This discovered home will include all cameras that you have linked to your SmartThings app.

  4. Confirm to authorize these devices from the SmartThings web view.

  5. On Brilliant: Return to your Brilliant device to finish setting them up (by adding to rooms and any additional options).

  6. Your devices will now show up on Brilliant - both the control and mobile app, and you can use them as expected across scenes and device control.

Additional Options and Troubleshooting for your Arlo integration on Brilliant

  • Please visit Advanced Settings to remove an Arlo device or reset its settings. 
  • If you have issues with your entire SmartThings Integration, please try resetting the entire integration and re-adding your devices to Brilliant. 
  • To re-assign rooms for your Arlo device, follow the instructions here