Resident Move Outs

What happens when I remove a resident?

An email is sent to a resident’s email address when the resident is moved out notifying them that they have lost access to their unit’s Brilliant home and devices (see example content for move out email below).  

If you moved out a resident by mistake, you will need to re-invite the resident on the Brilliant Command Center in order for them to control the devices in their unit.


What happens to a unit’s devices when I move out a resident on the Brilliant Command Center?  

When a resident is moved out of their unit on the Brilliant Command Center the Brilliant home and devices in the unit are automatically configured with the vacant configuration.   Moving a resident out on the Brilliant Command Center includes:

  1. Changing the unit’s state to vacant.  While the unit is in an vacant state:
    • Managers of your Brilliant Command Center organization will be able to access and control the unit through the Brilliant mobile application when logged in as a building manager.  
    • The resident is not be able to access and control the unit through the Brilliant mobile application.
  2. Removing any settings applied to devices in the Brilliant home while the unit was occupied.  
  3. Reconfiguring the devices in the unit’s Brilliant home with the default settings outlined in the vacant configuration. 

The unit’s devices should begin reconfiguring within 30 seconds after the resident is moved out on the Brilliant Command Center.  The reconfiguration process normally takes around 3-5 minutes after a move out is initiated.  


More information on the unit reconfiguration process that occurs during resident transitions can be found in our support article on Unit Reconfigurations.


What is the vacant configuration?

The vacant configuration is a set of default settings for Brilliant homes and devices specifically designed for vacant units.  In particular, the vacant configuration is designed for extended periods of inactivity and conducting tours with prospective residents. 

The default settings for the vacant configuration are as follows:

  1. Brilliant Smart Control Display Set to Always Off:
    • The display for all Brilliant controls is set to always off unless the display is touched or motion is detected (see Motion Activation below).  
  2. Brilliant Display and Light and Motion Activation Set to On
    • All Brilliant Control displays and lights in a unit are set to activate when motion is detected and deactivate if no motion is detected for 10 minutes.  
  3. Tour Scenes Added
    • Start Tour and End Tour scenes are added to a unit’s Brilliant home for conducting tours. 
    • For help with scenes, please refer to Brilliant's General FAQs under Scenes and Routines.
  4. Home Passcode Set to Organization Default
    • The unit’s home passcode is set to the default home passcode for your Brilliant command center organization.  
    • For help with your organization's default home passcode, please refer to our support article on Vacant Unit Home Passcodes