Glossary of terms

Base: The Base is the part that fits into the wall and attaches to the power wires. It will be the first component you install. With each Base there should be two flathead screws; it's important you only use those screws.

Common Wire: The Common wire is another term for the wire that brings power to the light switch, often called the Line or Hot wire. The Common wire is usually black.

Faceplate: The Faceplate is the brain of the Brilliant product which includes the screen, sensors, microphone, and camera. The Faceplate will attach to the Base and allows you to interact with your home using touch, voice, and motion.

Frame / Display Frame: The Frame is the white or colored piece that frames the Faceplate.

Gang Box: A gang box is the modeled plastic box in the wall that houses the wires that connect to your light switch.

Ground Wire: Generally Ground wires are bare copper or green. Ground wires are used in nearly all circumstances for safety. If you are in an older home, you may find switches without Ground wires. If this is the case, do not install the Brilliant Control, and consult an electrician.

Load and Line Wires: Generally Line and Load wires are black, or the Load wire may be red. The Load wire carries power from the switch to the light, and the Line wire carries power to the switch.

Three-Way / Four-Way Switch: When you have multiple light switches that control the same lighting, you have a three-way or four-way switch. You'll use three-way switches with two or more light switches. You'll use four-way switches with three or more light switches.

Traveler Wires: In a three-way/multi-way setup, these are the wires that carry power between two or more light switches. They are usually black and red.

Neutral Wire: Generally Neutral wires are white. If your home was built in the 1980s or later, there's an excellent chance that you have Neutrals everywhere in your house. Neutral wires complete the circuit and are required to install a Brilliant Control. You may find a bundle of them, and if so, you should ensure that they're all connected together with a wire nut.

Wire Extensions: These are the extra wires that come in the box. Wire extensions can be used to either extend the length of the wires, or extend a bundle of wires in your gang box.