How to add Sonos Favorites to your Brilliant

My Sonos

If you want music to appear and be browsable on your Brilliant Control, use the Sonos app to add songs, playlists, or stations from streaming services like Pandora and Spotify to your “My Sonos” account. Everything you select as a favorite in the Sonos app will be accessible on your Brilliant Control.


From your iOS or Android Sonos App

  1. Find your favorites:

    1. Tap H_Search.jpgor  H_Browse.jpgto discover music.

    2. If you’re listening to music you love, go to Now Playing.

  2. Tap ALL_more_sm.jpg (iOS) or  A_more_sm.jpg (Android) ->  Add to My Sonos .

From your Mac or PC Sonos App

When you see a song you want to make a favorite , click to the right of the selection, and choose  Add to Sonos Favorites . Listening to something you want to make a favorite ? Click from the NOW PLAYING pane and select  Add to Sonos Favorites .

Click here for the most up-to-date information from Sonos Support.