When your Brilliant is directly connected to a Philips Hue device as a load

When does this apply?

This should only apply when your Brilliant is directly connected to at least one Philips Hue Bulb on the circuit.

Philips Hue Bulb(s) require power to control over WiFi. What currently can happen with a regular non-Brilliant light switch is that flipping the switch will shut off power to the bulb and then the Hue smart bulb will not be controllable. 

To avoid this, when a hue bulb is directly connected to a Brilliant, we allow you to provide constant power to the bulb and wirelessly control intensity/toggle via Brilliant over WiFi to the Philips Hue Bridge. 

How should you set up your Brilliant?

  1. Set up your light as an "Always On" light with directions here
  2. Add your Philips Hue Devices as noted here.
  3. Adjust your gesture and slider settings as preferred for your Philips Hue configuration.
  4. Go back to the Home Screen. Swiping up/down on your touchscreen OR Slider (as you customized) should now control your Philips Hue bulb.