After you've connected your SmartThings Account and want to connect new devices

The below steps only apply if you have already set up a SmartThings connected device with Brilliant. If you have not, please follow the instructions listed here

To discover additional devices from your SmartThings Account on your Brilliant device:

  1. Visit your SmartThings mobile/desktop app.
  2. Go to "SmartApps", which is on the top menu bar on the website, and under the "Automations" menu on mobile.
  3. You should see "Brilliant Control" as an installed app.
  4. Tapping in will give an option to view all the lights & locks attached to his SmartThings with checkboxes next to them which indicate if they are authorized for Brilliant.
  5. Check the new ones and save
  6. Go back to your Brilliant and follow the add device flow.