Scenes and Routines

The Brilliant Control can orchestrate a variety of actions across multiple product categories. 

Basic Experience

  1. For quick access, we've pinned a scene to the Home screen. Outside of the demo experience any scene can be pinned in this manner. Scenes are indicated using the star icon. On the Brilliant Demonstration kits I'm Home is always available with one click. 
  2. Pressing the I'm Home scene will turn on the physical light on the Brilliant Demonstration kit and play a short video showing off other possible automations. 

Advanced Coordination 

  1. Select Scenes, indicated by the star icon from the bottom tray of menu options. 
  2. All Brilliant Controls ship with two smart scenes, All Lights On and All Lights Off. These scenes control any light connected to Brilliant directly or any thirdparty light that has been added to the Brilliant home. 
  3. The Brilliant Demonstration Kit has three unique scenes that will show off coordination of different mixes of products. I'm Home, Good Night, and Wake Up
  4. There is a scene, Reset Demo State, that is unique to the Brilliant Demonstration Kits. If your kit ever loses its configuration or you'd like to reset it to a fresh state this scene can be used to do so. Your kit should be connected to wifi for best results.