Release v19.02.13

Released on 2/21/2019 (auto-updated on 2/22/2019). 

Device Motion Control: Support for Time Options and ALL On/Off or Light Devices

  • By popular demand, we have (1) added time options for your device motion control, and (2) allow you to control all on/off or light type devices in your home. Previously, you could only set motion control on lights directly connected to your Brilliant. 
  • This means that you can now set your motion settings to apply to your selected devices all the time or only during certain hours of the day (ex. to avoid motion control at night). For more info, visit this article.

Alexa Routines

  • We have added the ability to execute your Alexa Routines on Brilliant devices.
  • Learn more here

Other Updates

  • Various updates to increase SmartThings integration stability and user experience. 
  • Clarification under Light Settings to let users know that Low Wattage Lights (<10W) will not be discoverable or controllable by Alexa.
  • User Experience standardization so users may select all available options during all forms of Adding Devices.