Release v19.04.24

Released on 4/29/2019 (auto-updated on 4/30/2019)

Reset an Integration  

You now have the ability to reset any integration you have set up on your Brilliant Home. This is primarily used for the below cases:

  • You are instructed by support to reset an integration to resolve any potential issues you are experiencing. 
  • You have set up an integration with an incorrect login (ex. Ring, SmartThings, etc..) and would like to change it.
  • For instructions on how to reset an integration, see more here

Device Status 

You now have the option to display the status of your Wi-Fi connectivity and Alexa Voice Assistant microphone on the Lock Screen of your Brilliant Control. 

  • This can be enabled or disabled in Display Settings (Settings > Display > Display Device Status). 

Screen_Shot_2019-04-29_at_4.13.30_PM.png     Lock_Screen_with_Status_-_Connected__Mic_ON.png


Gestures Feedback 

You can help us improve gestures on the Brilliant Control by completing a series of screen gesture exercises. 

  • This can be found in Gesture Settings (Settings > Gestures > "Help Us Improve Gestures"). 

Other Updates

  • Improvements to notify you when you have an invalid configuration while executing the scene. 
  • Minor updates to Brilliant's integrations with August and SmartThings. 
  • Slider UX updates to allow users to dismiss Slider UI overlay by tapping anywhere on the screen.