Replacing High-Wattage Lights with lower wattage bulbs

Brilliant only supports loads on a single circuit up to 300 watts for incandescent bulbs, and up to 150 watts for LED or CFL bulbs.  If you are trying to install Brilliant on a circuit that has a load in excess of 300 watts, it is simple and easy to replace those light bulbs with lower wattage bulbs of equal brightness.  These will be even more energy efficient and be kinder to your electric bill!

To choose the most energy efficient bulbs that function best with Brilliant, we recommend using LED bulbs at 12 watts (or higher) if you are using Brilliant in a multi-way configuration.  You can find these bulbs at any store that sells light bulbs, or on Amazon.

LED Light Bulb Option for Non-Dimmable Lights

LED Light Bulb Option for Dimmable Lights

Make sure the bulbs you buy have the same base as the bulbs you are replacing.  The most common base in North America is “E26”, but several other sizes are also used.  Miniature candelabra bases are also common (often found in vanity fixtures in the bathroom) and have an “E11” base.  If you'd like to learn more about light bulbs and bulb bases, we recommend this article here.