Release v19.08.28 -- Public Release on 9/5/2019

Works With Nest Notice 

As of 8/31/19, Google no longer allows new connections between Nest and third party products, thereby ending the Works With Nest program. This means that you must have connected your Nest device with Brilliant before 8/31/19 to use your Nest with Brilliant. 

  • If you have shifted your Nest account to a Google account, Nest will no longer work with Brilliant. 
  • If you have kept your Nest account, and it is still connected to your Brilliant home, there will be no change. You will still be able to control your Nest devices through Brilliant. 

We are working with Google to identify a long term integration plan, and will inform you of any updates. For more information, see here

Other Updates

  • Ability to adjust settings for your Brilliant's Echo Spatial Perception when you have multiple Alexa enabled devices in your home. Learn more about how to change this setting on your device here