TP-Link Kasa Integration

How does Brilliant Integrate with TP-Link Kasa?

Brilliant works with TP-Link Kasa lighting, light switches, and plugs, which allows you to use these products in the following ways: 

  • Change light intensity for dimmable devices
  • Color Control (only for color capable devices)
  • Toggle On/Off 
  • Include these devices in your Brilliant Scenes

This integration allows you to control the mentioned TP-Link Kasa devices that are directly connected to your Brilliant Control as well as TP-Link Kasa devices that are located in other rooms. 

Setting up TP-Link Kasa 

Before connecting TP-Link Kasa devices to your Brilliant Control(s), please ensure that you have first set up your TP-Link Kasa devices in the Kasa Smart Apple and/or Google Play mobile apps. The devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Brilliant Control(s).

  1. Make sure your TP-Link device is ON  
  2. Home screen > Bottom Tray > Add Device > Select TP-Link Kasa  
  3. Follow the on-screen authentication instructions 
  4. Brilliant Control will discover the available TP-Link Kasa products
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to configure your TP-Link Kasa devices to your home 

If Your TP-Link Kasa Light is Directly Connected to Your Brilliant Control 

If you install your Brilliant Control in a location that is directly connected to a TP-Link Kasa light, we enable you to never have to worry about power being shut off to the TP-Link Kasa light. Just go to Settings > Light on your Brilliant control and reconfigure the light to "Always On", and assign the desired gesture or slider to control this light. 

Color Control 

Brilliant allows you to change the color of your TP-Link Kasa lighting that supports color. Learn more about color control here

Color Control in Brilliant Scenes 

Through Brilliant Scenes, you can automatically set the color of your TP-Link Kasa lighting (as long as it supports color control). Learn more about color control here

If Your TP-Link Kasa devices are Already Connected via SmartThings

If you currently have TP-Link Kasa lighting, light switches, or plugs connected to Brilliant via SmartThings, we recommend that you delete these devices from your Brilliant home and re-add them again following the instructions above. 

This direct connection provides additional performance benefits.

Additional Options and Troubleshooting for your TP-Link Kasa devices(s) with Brilliant

  • Please visit Advanced Settings for your device to remove or reset your TP-Link configuration in your Brilliant home. 
  • If you have issues with your entire TP-Link Kasa Integration, please try resetting the entire integration and re-adding your devices to your Brilliant home. 
  • To re-assign rooms for your TP-Link Kasa devices, follow instructions here