Genie Integration

How does Genie Work With Brilliant? 

Brilliant connects to Genie and allows you to interact with your corresponding garage door(s) from your Brilliant Control(s) in the following ways:

  • Open your garage door 
  • Close your garage door
  • Add Genie to your Brilliant Scene(s) 
    • Genie scene actions are not compatible with Alexa voice commands

Note: Your garage door(s) must be paired with a Genie Aladdin Connect product to work with Brilliant. 

How to set up Genie on your Brilliant Control(s)?

Before connecting a Genie Aladdin Connect device to your Brilliant home, please make sure that you have properly configured your Genie account (e.g. through their website or mobile app). Then follow the instructions below: 

  1. Brilliant Control > Home Screen 
  2. Bottom tray > Add Device > Genie  
  3. Follow on-screen instructions to configure Genie to your home 

Garage Door Displays "Attention Needed" 

If you see an "Attention Needed" error next to your garage door, something may have gotten in the way of the sensor(s). Follow the instructions below to bring your garage door back to its normal open/closed state: 

  1. Manually close your garage door with the physical garage door controller
  2. Your garage door status should now correctly show as Open or Closed

Additional Options and Troubleshooting for your Genie device with Brilliant 

  • Please visit Advanced Settings for your device to hide or reset your Genie configuration in your Brilliant home. 
  • If you have issues with your entire Genie Integration, please try resetting the entire integration and re-adding your device to your Brilliant home. 
  • To re-assign rooms for your Genie device, follow instructions here